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Dr. Anya Malcolm

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Anya Malcolm is a Clinical Psychologist providing holistic mental health and counseling services at Omnicare Medical Center. She graduated from Howard University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology in 2009 and from the American School of Professional Psychology with a Doctor of Psychology degree in Clinical Psychology in 2015. 

Dr. Malcolm also serves as a Clinical Psychologist within the Department of Mental Health, Ministry of Health - TCI Government.

She is also an Author, where she wrote two books that are mental health focused  - "Tell me I Promise I Won't Get Mad" which is a guide for educating children on sexual abuse, and George the Worry Wort, a self-help book focused on anxiety (both books can be found on Dr. Anya is a wife and mother of 3 children.  

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At Omnicare Medical Clinic we believe that each and everyone is special. Choosing his or her doctor is one of the biggest decisions you make. By choosing Omnicare Medical, you can feel secure that you have made an excellent choice. Caring for you, not only seeing you when you are ill, but seeing  you regularly to ensure healthy growth.

What is a Clinical Psychologist?

General physicians are those medical professionals who deal with all kinds of general adult diseases, unlike specialists who specialize in only one body part or a single system ailment. While you may think that a specialist is a more highly ranked one in the medical field, but it is not so. A general physician is equally important because he is the first one we approach when we find any kind of discomfort or pain in our body. Only after he checks us and lets us know that we need a specialist, do we go to one. Moreover, while a specialist has all the detailed knowledge about a specific organ or system, a general physician has general knowledge about all the body parts. General physicians go through a more rigorous training programmer as part of their education, as compared to specialists. Also, their ability to think logically than in only a few directions make them special in the field of medical science. Their area of expertise is broad and offers multiple solutions to even the most complex problems that patients might suffer from. However, one field where they lag behind is surgery. General physicians are well equipped with diagnosing and treating diseases or illnesses that are non-surgical; and when a surgery is required, he asks the patient to visit a specialist. The below mentioned roles define the scope of work of a general physician.

How can our Clinical Psychologist help you?

A significant part of the clinical psychologist’s role is to provide consultation, advice and supervision for other professionals involved in the care or treatment of an individual. The work involves interaction with, and receiving referrals from, a wide range of other professionals, including doctors, nurses, social workers and occupational therapists. Our clinical psychologist:

  • assess a client through psychometric tests.

  • assess a client through interviews.

  • assess a client through direct observation of behavior.

  • offer health advice to patients.



Contact Dr. Anya Malcolm:

Phone: 649 941 5050 | 649 941 5049
Address: Omnicare Medical Center 

                    Town Center Mall,
                    Down Town


                    Turks and Caicos Islands 

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